Having Your IPhone Screen Repaired Elsewhere

In recent days, the bugs accumulate for those who decide to entrust their iPhone to an unapproved repairer.

Apple likes to sell you smartphones, but Apple also likes to fix them. According to testimonials collected by the US site Engadget, the brand would not facilitate the task of independent repairers. After users have encountered tactile recognition problems by replacing their screen with an “unofficial” slab, new bugs are reported, this time using original screens.

Still according to the US media, replacing the screen of an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X causes the deactivation of the brightness sensor, placed alongside the front camera module. The component allows the device to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the environment. The problem has appeared using original screens, including exchanging slabs of two new iPhones. On the other hand, those who have their smartphone screen replaced by Apple or one of its authorized repairers are spared.

Iphone Screen Repair

A bug or a function?

According to the specialists who carried out these operations, the deactivation of the brightness sensor occurs at the time of the restart of iOS, which suggests that it is a purely software malfunction, not hardware. For the moment, it is impossible to know if it is a bug or a tip developed by Apple to push its customers to go through its own repair services.

For the Californian firm, keeping a close eye on after-sales service is essential. First to control the quality of the spare parts, which can sometimes influence the user’s experience. Then for financial reasons. Currently, replacing the screen of an iPhone X costs more than 320 euros. You have to pay more than 200 euros for iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 plus and more than 180 euros for iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s. A price that falls to 29 euros if the customer has purchased AppleCare + insurance, sold between 149 euros and 229 euros depending on the model.

Two years ago, Apple had already been targeted by complaints about the repaired iPhone blockage. Users who had their fingerprint sensor changed by an independent repairer had seen their iPhone become totally unusable. The brand had at the time mentioned a security constraint, to counter the stolen iPhone traffic. An argument that would be more difficult to defend in the case of screen changes.



PUBG Mobile Will Have Its Official Competitive League In 2020

On the occasion of its major tournament on PUBG Mobile Hack, the publisher announced that the focus of the competitive scene would be on the mobile version of the royal battle in 2020, the World League.

PUBG Corp announced this weekend of July 27 that the mobile version of the game would have its official league in 2020, the World League. For now, very little information has been given on the format of this league, but it’s a safe bet that its cash prize will be juicy. This announcement was made during the significant tournament that took place this weekend on mobile gaming, with a cashflow of $ 600,000, in Dubai. The cash prize of the entire season was $ 2.5 million.

PUBG’s competitive scene breaks mobile eSports records and ranks among the most active games, with Clash Royale and Chinese giant Arena of Valor.

Meanwhile, the PUBG Nations Cup arrives early August and the season continues on PC, with the world that will finish this fall.

PUBG: Season 4 is available on PC, new features listed

Today, July 24, season 4 brings a lot of new features on the PC version of PUBG, with the redesign of Erangel, a new Survivor Pass and other elements. The details below.

As expected, PUGB season 4 has been integrated on live servers today, July 24th. On the program, several changes and novelties. PUBG Corp. also expressed its wish to make more updates during the seasons.

The most significant novelty is the visual redesign of Erangel. The map changes dramatically, visually but also strategically in some places. It’s a whole new way of playing that can be chosen on the most typical card of the game.

The Season 4 Survivor Pass also arrives, called Aftermath. In addition to offering new content, new missions are coming: cooperative missions renewed weekly for 12 weeks. Players will also have more choice to change them. It will end on October 16th.

Finally, a traditional rebalancing has also been made to change the general strategies. All details can be found at this address.

PC Players: Maintenance is complete. Season 4 and Update 4.1 are now live!

Drop-in and check out the Visual Update, Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH, matchmaking improvements, gameplay balance changes, and much more.

Patch notes: https://t.co/cweOly3dWu pic.twitter.com/fePRatGtWz
– PUBG Support (@PUBG_Support) July 24, 2019

This season 4 will last until mid-October. On console, it will be available “at the end of this summer,” but no official date has yet been given.

PUBG: The season 4 dated on PC

Pubg Season 4

Season 4 will bring a lot of changes and new features on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, and it will arrive on PC at the end of July, later on, console.

It is soon the end of the expectations of PC players on PUBG: the new season 4 will arrive officially next week, July 24 precisely. It is already present on the test servers.

The main novelty of season 4: a graphic redesign of the Erangel map, announced earlier, last June. Textures, shadow management, and other elements have been reworked and improved by this redesign. Some changes should also influence the game’s meta.

If all players can download the new season, they can also buy the last Survivor Pass, called Aftermath. The latter will offer additional and exclusive content. Also, they will be able to progress in the past to several with new missions in Cooperation.

The details of the update are at this address. Season 4, which arrives on PUBG July 24 for PC players, will be available at the end of summer on other platforms.